Our material issues

During 2017, Barloworld undertook a systematic and structured strategic review process to identify key determinants that have an impact on our ability to create value for our stakeholders.

Since implementing our managing for value approach, our thinking around identifying material issues has matured. For the 2018 report, we considered the various factors that set the context including the operating context, our strategic priorities, the risks for our goals and performance, and alignment of the material issues to concerns identified by our stakeholders.

Our response to each material issue is discussed in detail in the report.

Material issue

1. Capital allocation
What this means:   Key features   Capital   Stakeholder
Focus on optimal capital deployment   Cash release and distribution  
See Strategy – Managing for value to deliver on our medium-term strategy
    Maximising returns      
    Active portfolio management     Shareholders
    Performance monitoring      
    Opportunities for growth      
2. Operational performance
What this means:   Key features   Capital   Stakeholder
Driving our business to full potential   Levers for operational efficiencies  
See Equipment Southern Africa
    Unlocking our full potential    
    Customer centricity    
    Future outlook    
3. High-performance culture
What this means:   Key features   Capital   Stakeholder
Instil a high-performance culture with execution ability   Talent and performance management  
See Creating a high-performance culture
  Diversity and inclusion    
  Remuneration and reward    
    Organisational culture    
    Safety and health    
4. Licence to operate
What this means:   Key features   Capital   Stakeholder
We embrace our role as a responsible corporate citizen, and strive to play an active and meaningful role in the societies where we operate   Our role in communities  
See Licence to operate – Transformation
  Environmental stewardship    
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