About Barloworld

Barloworld is a distributor of leading global brands, providing integrated rental, fleet management, product support and logistics solutions.

Established in 1902 in South Africa, Barloworld is one of South Africa's oldest companies. Our commitment to customer service, ethical conduct and innovation have ensured Barloworld's sustainability for more than 116 years.

Inspiring a world of difference

As a company we believe in delivering tangible benefits to all our stakeholders. At Barloworld, we're proud to inspire some of the most incredible employees who go above and beyond the call of duty. Through perseverance, commitment and innovative thinking, we are able to make a world of difference.

Ethical conduct

While we conduct our business within the framework of laws and regulations, compliance with the law is not enough for Barloworld. We strive for more.

The Barloworld group is committed to responsible business conduct and best practices. All group activities are guided by the governance framework of ethics, codes of conduct, policies and commitment to legal compliance.

Together, we are upholding the reputation of our great company – and strengthening it for tomorrow.