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Integrated report 2013

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About the report
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Our strategic framework
Report scope and boundary

This is Barloworld
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Our people are the difference
Where we operate
What makes up the group
Our performance
Why invest in Barloworld
Chairman's letter
Q&A with the chief executive
Human resources, strategy and sustainability director's report
Finance director's report
Business model
Statement of total value added

What is material to us
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Determining materiality
Progress on Strategic Focus Areas
Engaging with our stakeholders
Implementing the group strategy
Managing risk
Information technology

Strategic performance
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Profitable growth
Growing for the future
Creating a world of excellence
Integrated customer solutions
Equipment and Handling
Automotive and Logistics
Corporate Division
Sustainable development
Managing for value
Making a difference by empowering communities
Empowerment and transformation
Diversity for sustainable development
Barloworld Siyakhula

Financial returns
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Summarised consolidated income statements
Summarised consolidated statement of comprehensive income
Summarised consolidated statement of financial position
Summarised consolidated statement of changes in equity
Summarised consolidated statement of cash flows
Summarised notes to the consolidated financial statements
Operating segments
Salient features

Corporate governance
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Who governs us
Corporate governance summary report
Remuneration report
Social, ethics and transformation committee report
Shareholder profile

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Statement by board of directors
Certificate by secretary
Independent auditor's report
Non-financial assurance
Corporate information