Labor/Management relations: LA4 - LA5

  • LA4 Percentage of employees covered by collective bargaining agreements.

    This varies from 61% in Europe to 42% in the Rest of Africa regions.

    % Collective Bargaining

      % Collective Bargaining
      2014 2013 2012 2011
    RSA 49% 42% 41% 39%
    Rest of Africa 42% 20% 25% 23%
    Europe & Siberia 61% 55% 50% 52%
    Total 49% 39% 39% 37%

    In Spain, a collective agreement has been signed and covers all employees (including those non-active contractors) but excludes senior management.

  • LA5 Minimum notice periods regarding significant operational changes, including whether it is specified in collective agreements.

    Minimum notice periods on significant operational changes vary across the group. These are covered in individual employment contracts, legislation, industry agreements and other negotiated recognition agreements. Industry agreements include consultation processes and notice periods. The company adheres to the applicable notice period.

    Significant notice periods for group leadership positions are as follows: nine months for group chief executive; six months for executive directors and three months for divisional directors.