Equal renumeration for women and men: LA14

  • LA14 Ratio of basic salary of men to women by employee category by significant locations of operation.

    Integrated Report 2014:

    Remuneration and employee benefits are attractive, well-structured and competitive. All remuneration and employee benefits are aligned with legislation.

    Remuneration practices are regularly reviewed and the group is committed to removing unfair discrimination in pay scales. In South Africa, differentials are disclosed in terms of employment equity legislation, this covers 74.5% of group employees.

    A detailed review of the average basic monthly salaries for males and females was conducted by employee level (and by region) and did not reveal any structural discrepancies or discrimination.

    The ratio between males and females vary by scale and favour depending on job role and tenure.

    As the group has implemented the Towers Watson global grading system in all operations, its positions are graded accordingly. Wage and salary levels are benchmarked by country and category. This ensures equity and non-discrimination in remuneration practices.