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Supplementary documents accompanying this report are:


Annual General Meeting (AGM)
Integrated report 2013
Remuneration report 2013
Corporate governance report 2013
GRI G3.1 Content Index and a set of responses to the GRI Sustainability Reporting Guideline G3.1
Consolidated annual financial statements 2013
  Barloworld has been on an evolving journey of integrated reporting in line with various guidelines which include giving our stakeholders a view into the workings of the organisation. The intent is to continue following this framework, and as part of that evolution this year we have included an integrated business model that gives colour into the central tenet of our Value Based Management approach.

Report scope and boundary

The integrated report covers the financial period of 01 October 2012 to 30 September 2013 highlighting all the 26 geographical territories of the Barloworld group, including all subsidiaries. Associates and joint ventures are equity accounted. The consolidated data incorporates the company and all entities controlled by Barloworld as if they are a single economic entity. There are no other entities over which the group has significant influence that it believes should be included in the report. Both financial and non-financial data is aligned to the same financial reporting period allowing for comparison of performance data.

Barloworld has embraced the framework of integrated reporting giving perspective to broad stakeholder interests; and the report is guided by various codes and standards, including King III on the material matters affecting the various stakeholder groups.

The report provides a perspective of past and current performance, while giving sight of future prospects; and addressing the short, medium and long-term account of the various capitals employed in the value creation activities. Any limitations will be disclosed in the relevant section.


Significant changes since 2012 include: The acquisition of Bucyrus Russia mining equipment sales and support business effective 3 December 2012 ...


Endeavours to achieve the highest standards of disclosure with the provision of meaningful, accurate and balanced information to stakeholders...


The board recognises it is the central point for and custodian of corporate governance. As such, the board always strives to ensure that the group aligns itself...