Welcome to Barloworld

Barloworld is a multinational industrial corporation with annual revenues of approximately R50 billion. A common strategic approach guides our operations in meeting exacting performance standards to create sustainable value for all stakeholders.
What we do

Barloworld offers its global customer base flexible, value-adding, integrated business solutions backed by leading international brands through its core divisions:

> Equipment – earthmoving and power systems
> Automotive and Logistics – car rental, motor retail, fleet services, used vehicles and disposal solutions and logistics management and supply chain optimisation
> Handling – forklift truck distribution, agriculture equipment and SEM.

The brands we represent on behalf of our principals include Caterpillar, Hyster, Avis, Audi, BMW, Ford, General Motors, Mercedes-Benz, Toyota and Volkswagen.

How we do business ‘the Barloworld way’

Barloworld has a proven track record of long-term relationships with global principals and customers. Equally we have proven our ability to develop businesses in multiple geographies, including challenging territories with high-growth prospects.

One of our core skills is an ability to leverage systems and best practices across our chosen business segments. As an organisation, we are committed to sustainable development, empowerment and transformation, and the highest standards of corporate governance.

Our business is underpinned by the values of integrity, excellence, teamwork and commitment. In everything that we do we obey the law, respect others, are fair, honest and we protect the environment.