Report scope and boundary

This integrated annual report covers the activities of the Barloworld group, including all subsidiaries, associates and joint ventures for the financial year ended
30 September 2011, and follows the report published in December 2010.

In addition to International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS), and the King report on corporate governance in South Africa (King III), Barloworld uses the Global Reporting Initiative (G3.1) as the framework for reporting, in conjunction with the discussion paper released by the Integrated Reporting Committee of South Africa. Where relevant, the outcomes of stakeholder engagement processes are used as reference points.

The consolidated data incorporate the company and all entities controlled by Barloworld as a single economic entity. Associates and joint ventures are equity accounted. Boundaries for all data collection are consistent with our financial reporting, thus aligning financial, environmental and social reporting. Data are collected at operational level and consolidated at divisional and group levels. Comparable performance data and information are provided on all material aspects of the group and its value-creation activities without specific limitations. Where required, historical data is restated and explained.

In addition to statutory and King III requirements, Barloworld reports on aspects of the group’s activities that are of interest or concern to a broad grouping of stakeholders and which provide a balanced and reasonable perspective of its activities. These aspects are integrated into the ongoing management of our business and reported to stakeholders annually.

Significant changes from the 2010 report include the integration of the Logistics division into the Automotive division and the consolidation of Equipment Russia.

While the precise nature of an integrated report is evolving, our integrated annual report covers the material economic, social and environmental aspects of the group, and their consequences for stakeholders in the review period. It addresses the governance context within which the group operates, its risks and strategic framework for creating value.

Our progress to date is augmented by a forward-looking perspective on goals and value-creation strategies. This integrated presentation reflects operational responsibility and accountability for sustainable value creation and highlights stakeholder interdependence.

Complementing the disclosures in this report are responses to the GRI sustainability reporting guidelines G3.1, disclosed on this website.

Sustainable development

Our approach to sustainability reflects our fundamental intent to prosper as a business and to facilitate human potential by connecting present and future generations. We strive to achieve this objective by providing solutions to stakeholder requirements in a balanced and responsible manner.

Our sustainable development goal is to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. While this cannot be achieved by one organisation, we believe Barloworld can make an important contribution to the ongoing global transition to sustainability and a low-carbon future.


Barloworld aims to achieve the highest standards of disclosure to provide meaningful, accurate and balanced information to stakeholders.


The board of directors is the custodian of corporate governance and strives to ensure that the group operates according to applicable local and international codes, rules, practices, standards and trends of good corporate governance.


The financial statements in this report have been prepared in accordance with International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) and independently assured by Deloitte & Touche who also assured key non-financial indicators. We expect to incrementally increase the scope of this assurance as we develop our integrated reporting standards.


We would value your feedback to ensure that we report on issues that matter to you – our stakeholders. Please go to the web link: to download or print our feedback form or email us at