Corporate centre Corporate centre

Managing for value

As part of strengthening the group’s core capabilities to deliver on the new strategy, the role of the corporate centre has evolved to one of an active shareholder responsible for setting the agenda in managing the six capitals – intellectual; financial; manufactured; social and relationship; human and natural. We make trade-offs between these capitals during our strategic journey to ensure sustainable value creation for all our stakeholders. In the reporting period a great deal of focus was on driving corporate strategy – allocating resources, capital and talent across the group.



Group-led strategy
and planning
Driving mergers and
Focus on priorities that
move the needle
Agenda management



Talent management
Diversity and
Performance optimisation
Remuneration and


Setting financial
performance standards
Allocation of capital
Measuring and monitoring
Optimal use of assets

This active operating model ensures delivery on the strategy by driving performance, setting management agenda, managerial and planning cycle, defining group-level priorities and activities that are value enhancing to the enterprise as a whole, core to the managing for value principles.

The roles and functions are in the process of being recalibrated and capacity engendered in order to support and drive consistent strategic execution and delivery. The corporate centre functions include human capital, strategy and M&A, sustainability, internal audit, group secretarial, investor relations, corporate communications, corporate finance, treasury, taxation, risk management, insurance, legal, empowerment and transformation.


Divisional key performance indicators

  Corporate Southern Africa UK
Financial capital 2018  2017  2018  2017  2018  2017 
Revenue (Rm)    
Operating loss (Rm) (133) (128) (74) (56) (59) (72)
Net operating assets/(liabilities) (Rm) (1 159) (1 709) 580  553  (1 739) (2 262)
Social capital            
Employee headcount     119  118     
LTIFR     0.96  0.66     
Work-related fatalities        
B-BBEE rating        
Natural capital            
Petrol and diesel (ML)     0.01  0.01     
Grid electricity (MWh)     620  553     
Non-renewable energy (GJ)     2 735  2 127     
GHG emissions (tCO e) (scope 1 and 2)     673  578     
Water withdrawals^ (ML)        

Lost-time injuries multiplied by 200 000 divided by total hours worked.

^ Municipal sources.

Social and natural capitals for UK office are reported under Equipment Europe.