Various transactions are entered into by the company and its subsidiaries during the year with related parties. Unless specifically disclosed these transactions occurred under terms that are no less favourable than those entered into with third parties. Intra-group transactions are eliminated on consolidation.

The following is a summary of other transactions with related parties during the year and balances due at year end:

of the 
in which 
the group 
is a venture 
  Rm  Rm   
Goods and services sold to      
Bartrac Equipment Limited     74    
Barloworld Maponya Proprietary Limited     62    
BHBW South Africa Proprietary Limited     79    
Barzem Enterprises Private Limited  112       
   112  215    
Trade and other receivables/(payables)         
BHBW South Africa Proprietary Limited     29    
Amounts due from related parties as at end of year          
Barzem Enterprises Private Limited  11       
Goods and services sold to          
BHBW South Africa Proprietary Limited     219    
Barloworld Maponya Proprietary Limited     18    
Barzem Enterprises Private Limited  20       
Bartrac Equipment Limited     13    
   20  250    
Goods and services purchased from          
Barloworld Maponya Proprietary Limited     (6)   
BHBW South Africa Proprietary Limited     (14)   
Other transactions          
Barloworld Maponya Proprietary Limited       
Bartrac Equipment Limited     12    
BHBW South Africa Proprietary Limited       
Amounts due (to)/from related parties as at end of year          
Bartrac Equipment Limited       
Barzem Enterprises Private Limited  (1)      
BHBW South Africa Proprietary Limited       
Sizwe Car Rental Proprietary Limited  (2)      

Terms on other outstanding balances

Unless otherwise noted, all outstanding balances are payable within 30 days, unsecured and not guaranteed.

There are no doubtful debt provisions raised in respect of amounts due to/from related parties and no bad debts incurred during the year on these balances.

Associates and joint ventures

The loans to associates and joint ventures are repayable on demand and bear interest at market-relatedrates. Details of investments in associates and joint ventures are disclosed in note 13.


Details of investments in subsidiaries are disclosed in note 35.


Details regarding directors’ remuneration and interests are disclosed in note 34, share options, share appreciation rights and forfeitable shares are disclosed in note 32.

Transactions with key management and other related parties (including directors and prescribed officers)

During the year, the Automotive trading segment sold motor vehicles to the value of R3.4 million (2017: R5.6 million) to key management, prescribed officers or close family members of related parties.


The principal shareholders of the company are disclosed in the integrated report.

Barloworld Medical Scheme

Contributions of R181 million were made to the Barloworld Medical Scheme on behalf of employees (2017: R161 million).

Barloworld Pension Fund

Amounts recognised in the income statement in respect of defined benefit plans was a net expense of R70 million (2017: R76 million net expense).