Public policy: SO5 - SO6

  • SO5 Public policy positions and participation in public policy development and lobbying.

    Integrated Report 2014:

    We engage a wide range of stakeholders including government institutions and departments, municipal and local authorities, industry organisations, non-government organisations and the communities they serve.

    A full list of institutional memberships is available on the Barloworld website.

    The group is also a member of organisations including Business Leadership South Africa.

    Various group operations across the world belong to organised business associations and advocacy groups in the countries and regions in which they operate (refer to our website for a list of organisational memberships).

    By participating in these initiatives, Barloworld contributes to wider society, shares knowledge, raises concerns and influences policy.

    In South Africa, the group participates in a range of forums on energy efficiency, climate change and a transition to a low carbon future. The group's position on these matters is included in responses by representative organisations.

    In principle, Barloworld supports initiatives to improve energy efficiency and promote the use of renewable energy sources and reduce harmful emissions. However we believe such issues must be addressed in the context of national, industry and company competitiveness, with an equitable dispensation being reached for developing economies. In South Africa, these initiatives should also support national objectives which include job creation. Barloworld also believes there should be standardisation and alignment in the various required reporting regimes.

    During the period the Spanish Cogeneration Industry Association made formal and public observations to the government regarding new regulations approved by Spanish Authorities regarding renewable energy new regulations, which were qualified by the association as 'severely harmful for cogeneration industry'. Barloworld is a member of the association.

    The group does not endorse or support political parties or politically connected persons.
  • SO6 Total value of financial and in-kind contributions to political parties, politicians, and related institutions by country.

    Barloworld prohibits donations to political parties.

    There is a strictly enforced policy on all business dealings with Government, quasi government, public officials, representatives of political parties or other politically connected persons. All dealings are on a strictly commercial basis only.